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Proof Website #1

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Ranking #2 (in purple) for Lynnwood Attorney with a “mock up site” that competed with my clients OWN website (which only made it to page 3) with over 166,000 competing indexed pages on google!

Proof Website #2:

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Using a completely FREE WEBSITE BUILDER AND HOSTING SERVICE, I was able to design, build and rank this “Lynnwood window cleaning service” website to #2 (in purple) on google.

Proof Website #3

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Here’s a Chiropractic Site from Mountlake Terrace ranking #3 in “auto injury Lynnwood” sandwiched between 2 lawyer websites. I was able to rank this Dr.’s site in a different city, and as the only one of his business niche (chiropractic) in a different search genre!

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